Yogic Flying and Pandit Performances

Question: Mechanics of Yogic Flying

Dr Morris: ‘Thank you very much, Maharishi. Maharishi, could you explain to the world press how Yogic Flying in groups is an integral part of this programme of the adoption of a country? How can a very small number of people practising Yogic Flying together create an effect that could change the destiny of millions of people? What are the mechanics of that?’ 

The mechanics are very minute. Minuter than the minutest are the mechanics, and being minuter than the minutest, absolutely smaller than the smallest, where the whole thing is so small that it is equal to nothing.

‘The field of the unmanifest, the grains—if there are grains—the grains of immortality, which structure, which weave the field of infinity because they are so minute, are capable of being everywhere,
everywhere, everywhere. Total Natural Law is in such minute measures that it is beyond time, beyond space, beyond limitations. And being beyond limitations, it is everywhere, everywhere.

‘So we are dealing with the nature of the unmanifest. For the press, it will be amusing to see, to hear, that you are dealing with a zero—a big zero or a minute zero—but it is zero. It is the emptiness of a banyan seed, hollowness. The whole concrete tree is very well secured and situated within the hollowness of the banyan seed. And that is why it is easy to handle the grace of infinity, because you are everywhere—you don’t have to go anywhere.

‘This is what Yogic Flying is. In Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and now Yogic Flying, a very minute impulse of the mind is able to lift up the body. The mind is functioning on a level where everything is a possibility. The mind wants, “I want to lift up the body” and the body cannot remain enforced by gravity. It’s a challenge to gravity; it just comes up.

‘The world press should know that the command over gravity is a very natural situation for the practitioners of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques. When the flying sutra comes, immediately the whole weight of the body lifts up in the air. This is the authority of that finest state of the mind. When the mind is in its self-referral state, transcendental state, then that mind is in tune with total Natural Law, which is the total Constitution of the Universe.

‘A small number of the people—very small—will do the trick. We are going to adopt so many countries and create Yogic Flyers. The groups of Yogic Flyers we create will generate highly intensified coherence in the national consciousness. This highly intensified coherence in the national consciousness will make the national consciousness invincible in its total freedom—invincible.

‘We have been singing the song of invincibility for a few weeks. Now we want to sing the tune aloud and create intense effects in a few countries. Then, having done those few countries, another set of few countries next month, next month, next month. So now it’s a matter of months and weeks and days for the fortunate countries to rise to invincibility and create heaven on earth in their countries.

‘Tell the world press that the time for them has come. A few weeks ago, we told them that the arrow has left the bow. And that is it now now: we are adopting countries after countries after countries. It’s a beautiful time for the Movement.

‘We can take one more question and finish it off, because I am busy adopting countries. I am going to enter into the ceremony with His Majesty Raja Raam and all the Rajas and Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace who are here in Europe and who are there in the World Capital of Peace in India, which they established last month.

‘And bring them [news] in five minutes about the activities of the World Peace Capital in India. And our geniuses—top leaders—are busy everywhere. Tell them and try to finish in fifteen, twenty minutes. I have very little time to speak now.

Dr Morris: ‘Yes, Maharishi, very good.’

[Dr Morris speaks.]


Question: The Role of the Vedic Pandit Performances

Dr Morris: ‘Maharishi, perhaps one last question before we close. You have mentioned that the Vedic Pandits of India will be directly involved in this adoption of the different countries that you have just described. Could you explain what the role of the Vedic Pandits will be? And how do their Vedic performances work to secure the integration—you mentioned the word “integration”—of national consciousness as the basis for making a nation invincible? How does the Vedic Pandits’ programme work to create this effect?’ 

‘Because the Vedic words are the words of the transcendental field. Being the structuring dynamics of the transcendental field, they are not limited to space and time. That means: one word is pronounced, and its effect is everywhere, everywhere. This has given the Vedic language that authority to produce the effect anywhere in space and time from one place in space and time—anywhere in the universe from anywhere in the universe.

‘All these Yagya performances are performances to neutralize the wrong effect that may be coming to some one person as a result of his own wrongdoing. You know, you reap what you sow—that phrase: “whatever you do, you have to bear the consequences of it.” If someone has done something wrong today and the effect is going to come in two years, the Vedic performances can do something before two years to neutralize it, so the wrong effect will not have to be faced by the doer.

‘It is a great miracle of the authority that has the alliance with the Constitution of the Universe. “To the Constitution of the Universe”—that means to the Veda and the Vedic Literature—all past, present, and future is available at any point. One effect here is an effect everywhere. This natural penetration of the effect makes the Vedic Pandits produce through resolution. They resolve, “I am doing this Yagya, this performance, this Graha Shanti, this particular Yagya, in order to produce this effect at that time.” This is the specialty of Vedic performance. The effect is not limited to any one place. The effect travels all over frictionless, instantly.

‘This being the characteristic quality of the Vedic performances, it is possible for the Vedic Pandits. Of course, they have to practise. The life of Indian Vedic Pandits has been spoilt quite a lot by the foreign influences and all that. Quite a lot of impurity has crept into their pure Vedic routine. But nevertheless, the seed produces the same tree, after same tree, after same trees. So Vedic performances have that natural ability to produce any effect from any distance. They are called Yagyas.

‘When we are adopting a nation, we prepare a few hundred Vedic Pandits or a thousand, two thousand Vedic Pandits, depending on the size of the population of the country, to produce the effect. What to do to produce what effect is already prescribed. It is prescribed.

‘We are adopting the ability of the Constitution of the Universe, the ability of the Vedic language, to produce the effect from the transcendent, from self-referral consciousness, to produce any desired effect anywhere. It’s a great miracle; it’s a great miracle. On the level of total Natural Law, this is the nature of Natural Law to be able to produce this effect. The effect is produced from the transcendental field of consciousness, where every spur of performance is the frictionless flow for the whole infinity of the galactic universe. It is a big, huge field of knowledge, which we enjoy through the blessings of our Vedic Tradition of Masters.

‘Tell the press we will meet next week. And week after week, the time of talking will become less and less. The effect in the world will be found more and more. Jai Guru Dev.’.