Why Surface Pro

Mac is 100% out now both in hardware and software. The King is Surface Pro 3 (or 4 which definitely will come to the market soon with Window 10).

Lenovo, Samsung and all other brand cannot beat “Surface Pro”.

I have been using and carrying with me 7/24 the first version of Surface Pro. It was so light in weight, fast and smooth.

It uses touch screen and SSD hard disk. It definitely gets the best performance with Window.

To proof my recommendation, you can simply compare the price with the speed to completely close and restart the computer.

For Surface Pro, it takes only 3 seconds to close the computer completely and it takes another 7 seconds to start a computer again. Another major factor for notebook is the weight. Its innovative keyboard helps to make it the lightest notebook computer in the market.

Microsoft will win the competition of personal computer with integrated power of its it own hardware and software.

If you want to buy it, please wait for Surface Pro 4 to come out.

One of the last competitive advantage for ‘Surface Pro’ notebook  computer is the service maintenance cost in a long run.

In Hong Kong, Microsoft service Department promise me I have only to pay about USD300 to get a new Surface Pro notebook with the same model I brought if the machine had problem after one year guarantee period. Ask yourself, which computer companies can do the same?

The smart choice of computer is really important just because it affects our productivity.