#WhatsWorking: Using Meditation Against Terrorism – HuffPost Live


Here are 2 a scientific hypotheses. (The same hypotheses apply to the family level, social level, national level and international level)

1) By increasing the level of Peace in the society, and by increasing the coherence and harmony in the brain wave and physiology of as many people as possible, the violence and the war in the society will go down.

2) If there are enough number of people creating peace and harmony on the level of physiology, the war will be prevented and the tension in society including terrorism will be gone.

It is very simple for leaders to test the above 2 hypotheses.

Just ask the scientists to do the testing and experiment and see if the result can give a statistically significant proof each and every time.

The result has been confirmed many times in the past by scientists and it confirm that the two hypotheses are true without an exception so far.


The Brain-Based Approach to Peace