What makes a good testimonial

Recently, there is a promotion of a new product called Commission Machine.

I have seen a lot of promotion but still I do not want to buy just because I do not see this is really helpful to me.

But one day, I read a recommendation of this products while I study a product which I brought. The author said,

You should look for tools to help you become a better copywriter, and a better email copywriter. I recommend the Commission Machine for some great training. Commission Machine is a product by Michael Chaney.    
Commission Machine is an awesome product. Michael Chaney in general, that’s a guy you should subscribe to because his thing is email copy, he’s very good at writing email copy. Even my wife tells me all the time, one of the marketers whose emails she opens is Michael Chaney’s emails. I believe that she opens his more often than she opens mine. He is simply brilliant when it comes to email copy.
Remember, your list is way too important to skimp on the tools. Get the right tools, don’t be too frugal here, don’t be afraid to invest money ….”

I then suddenly have great interest to buy.


Then I go through the sales page again to see the product again ( This probably the same kind of action one will take if one is going to make a decision).

This time at the very bottom of this sales letter, I find a guy whom I know and trust there and his recommendation for this product is as follows plus he add a video (My God).

“Earned $14,952 in a Single Week”

“Michael is a real, honest, genuine guy.

A recent joint promotion we did earned us nearly $15,000 in a single week and multiple thousands in recurring commissions just with a few little tweaks made from Michael.

Michael’s Commission Machine is absolutely jam-packed with loads of techniques and strategies used to make big commissions for anyone. Even if you’re just starting out.

I’ve personally been through every single step of Michael’s Commission Machine and I can say 100%, without any shadow of a doubt, that it will help anybody make big commissions (even if you’re just starting out).” – Dave Nicholson

Below is his video recommendation and I finally make a decision to buy this product.