What is Consciousness

Consciousness is an abstract terminology. In Maharishi Vedic Science, consciousness is explained as a universal field of intelligence which gives rise to both individual intelligence and to all aspects of the physical world, an understanding compatible with the view of modern physics.

Let’s begin to understand it from our daily experience.

Our daily experience

Normally, human being naturally has its nervous system capable of experiencing three different states of consciousness every day, namely,

    • Waking
    • Dreaming
    • Sleeping


In the waking state, if we want to know something, we have to be aware of it. If we aware of it, we are conscious of it. So the very act of knowing something will invoke the nature of our consciousness.

So whenever something is capable of aware of something, we say that there is consciousness in it.

Conscious means interact.

Now let’s go a little bit abstract.

To conscious is actually beginning to interact with something.

If we are conscious of ourselves, we are literally interact with our own. Hence the very act of conscious of something is interact with something.

Hence, anything which can interact with something else, we can call it has its own consciousness which enable it to interact with something else.

Does a stone has consciousness?

The answer is yes. Why?

We know from physics that any substance having mass will interact with another substance having mass. Newton call the interaction as gravitational interaction. The interaction means that the mass of a stone interact with and conscious of the mass of another stone.

Hence, we can say that even stone has its own consciousness. The gravitational interaction between two stones actually is due to the conscious activities between them if we describe their interaction from their subjective perspective. Such a universal attractive interaction between any two objects suggests to us that although two things are physically separate, they are still holding hand in hand with each other and dance happily in their journey.

Because consciousness is a very fundamental quality of everything, we simply say that everything in the universe come from consciousness which is non-material and it is responsible for the interactive ability of existence.

Another fundamental aspect of existence we all know is intelligence which is responsible for anything about intelligent.

Consciousness is the quality responsible for conscious of something.

Intelligence is the quality responsible for intelligent.

What is the relationship between consciousness and intelligence?

Consciousness is more fundamental than intelligence.

In the beginning, Intelligence is just an existence. But when existence become conscious (Of course, in the very beginning, existence does not conscious of any other thing, it can only conscious of itself), Intelligence become conscious also. Then intelligence become intelligent.

In other word, in the beginning, Intelligence just exist without knowing anything and of course without knowing he himself is intelligent. The very act of knowingness comes only from interaction which is consciousness.

But when existence start to wake-up and conscious of itself, then intelligence conscious of itself that he is smart, he is intelligent.

Hence, we can clearly see that consciousness is the most fundamental quality of anything.

Modern Physics says the universe come from vacuum

We know from Buddhism that anything in this world is actually nothingness in its nature.

We know from modern physics that this is true. The whole universe comes from vacuum state.

But this just say that there is nothing material in the beginning of the universe. There is consciousness, which is non-material existence exist before the universe is born. In China, this vacuum state of ultimate reality was named ‘Tao’ which means totality of natural law in science.

In the realm of Unified Field, at the source, there us no objectivity. There is only unity. There is no duality. There is only pure subjectivity. Nothing is material there. There is only spiritual which mean non-physical there. Because of this we called it pure consciousness.

Because it is non-material, material science called this state vacuum state. But we know from Vedic Science that there is pure consciousness in the vacuum state of the Universe.

If the universe come from vacuum, which does not have any material, then where does the mass come from?

In physics, massenergy equivalence is a concept formulated by Albert Einstein. In quantum field theory, it was found that mass came from the underlining Higgs field.