We Need to Think it Over about the Goals of Kids Education

Just read a post:

Education More: Kindergarten Private Schools Test DNAinfo.com

This Is The Test Your 4-Year-Old Would Need To Pass To Get Into An Elite New York City Kindergarten. The test will be using ipad and there is a new achievement part which measure how much you learned.

You usually think of an achievement test as something you take in high school. It’s not something you think of for preschoolers.

Another news article from Hong Kong on 7 July 2014, which mentioned about the first Competition on Liberal Studies for the kids.




The only goal of education is to win in the examination and more pressure is passed onto the pre-school children.

Is this the goal of life of our children?

What do we want our children  to develop?

Under the current system of education, we measure their achievement in the following areas:

  • ability to memorize factual knowledge (which most likely outdated)
  • ability to solve problems in maths and science. (So what? Unfortuanately, this does not help them to solve the problems in their life)
  • ability to use Language ( According to the result of the high school public exam, the education system in Hong Kong fails completely to help children to master the use of language of both Chinese as well as English at all )

What we want our children are:

  • Strong and wealthy in both material and spirtual life – Unfortunately, this require knowledge and technique NOT in the textbook.
  • Polite and able to solve their problems in Life- this require creativity and a broad vision to see as many possibility as possible. This means what they need is a high EQ.  It’s your expertise and intelligence that get you the job — but your emotional intelligence that makes you a success
  • Success in their life – this may require them to fail fast many times in their life. That means what they need is a high AQ.  IMPORTANT to parent: In order to make sure your kids REALLY understad what is the the meaning of fail fast, please see the following 3 minute video together with your kids and then ask them what do they think.