Water the Root (the Consciousness) to Enjoy the Fruit (of Life)

Consciousness is the basis of all the different areas of life.

To understand more about consciousness, please read the post  http://davidisbest.com/what-is-consciousness/

The most important quote of Maharishi which we want everyone especially our children to remember is “Water the root (which is always unseen, which is the consciousness) to enjoy the fruit (of Life)”.


Everything physical in the universe, including our body and our mind which is non-physical, is consciousness.

Watering our consciousness means we are making silence or bliss like water permeates more and more in our body and mind by contacting the sources of thought twice a day which is also the sources of everything in this universe, the Unified Field, as discovered by modern physics. – Davey So


 Even the King of the animal kingdom, the wise lion above sat listening attentively to what Maharishi said in the following videos. Enjoy.


Consciousness is the basis of all the different areas of life


Consciousness is primary


Consciousness is the cause of the physical body


Everything physical in the universe is consciousness


Life in Enlightenment through Consciousness-Based Education

He will be able to live life as he wants, without worries, without problems, without tension, without suffering. Then in right earnest, life begins.

This is an educated life, not the life of the ignorant. If he goes through Vedic Education, then he is an educated man. If he suffers in life, he has not gone through proper education. – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Fulfillment and affluence through higher consciousness, not through hard work


“Life in enlightenment”and how to gain fulfillment in life


Vedic Education for Mastery of Total Natural Law