Want Customer for Life, 3 Things That You Must Do

I have been in Sales and Marketing field for over 30 years. Want customer for life probably is the most important know-how for all business. Dan Kennedy revealed to us this very big secret.

Below is the email from the great direct marketer – Dan Kennedy

Fortunately, early on I realized that a business’s most important asset is its customers. When you get them, by God don’t let them slip away.


I also learned early on that you will not keep them for life based on the value of what you are selling. Sure you’ll keep them for maybe a couple of years, but value alone won’t keep them hanging around.


If you look around the room at any one of my events, you’ll find people who have been with me for five, ten, even twenty years or more. GKIC’s own Dave Dee is a perfect example of someone who has been following me for nearly twenty years.


As a result throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate to have had customers spend $100,000 or more with me.

We don’t do it anymore, but there was a time where I had clients’ credit cards on file with permission to swipe their card and automatically send them product whenever I came out with something new.


And I can reliably predict sales when I send an email out that sells something.


You don’t get to this position by blind folly.  But having said that, you can get to this position using somewhat less-than-obvious techniques.


I discuss three of the things you should be thinking about—that will help you create customers for life here.


Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,


Dan Kennedy


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