Ultimate Weapon of Success in Life including Making Money

What is the ultimate weapon of success in life including making money?

Before I answer this question, we need to see the best trait of a human being.

  1. What is the fastest development a human has ever achieved in recent history?

Invention. Humans have been known to invent numerous discoveries in the past centuries. Through the invention of the internet, humans have been able to create the system of affiliate.

  1. How do inventions take place?

Humans were gifted with intelligence. Our mind never stops searching for answers and finding solutions.

  1. Which part of the brain is the most important?

Our brain consists of two parts—software and hardware. Invention is derived from a continuously evolving creative mind.

  1. How do we develop our mind to its full potential?


While conducting an experiment with copper on 6 Jan 2014, I realized that we need to be still for great ideas to emerge. Let me give a very simple example to make this point very clear. Everyone has the common experience of writing. When you settle down, your mind become more clearer and you have more ideas.

Copper in its natural state does not serve a purpose because there is too much impurity. Therefore, it only serves its full potential and powerful once purified. The same is true for water, after we purify the water, its become much more useful.

The same thing applies to the mind, when our brain is cluttered with negativity, with a lot of thoughts, it’s very difficult to be creative and think of ideas. Once our mind settles down, can we find ways to make money?

We know that once our mind settles down, this was the moment great invention’s ideas emerged in human history.

We are more alert when well rested. This is where we refer it to the state of restful alertness.

  1. How can we train our mind to maintain this state of restful alertness?

Now this we have to be very careful because we must make sure the method to purify copper ore into copper is SAFE and EFFECTIVE with a lot of scientific proof. See this video to see what happens to your brain.

Hence, we can conclude by saying that our mind is the ultimate weapon of Success in Life.

This article reveals that in order to make our mind useful, all the leaders in the world has to provide a scientifically proven technique, a subjective methodology, to help their people refine their mind so that their mind become purer and purer without any impurity and capable of maintaining a distinct state of restful alertness 24/7 /365 for maximum creativity to solve any problem in their life.