Transcendental Meditation and the nervous system

Transcendental Meditation and the nervous system

MAHARISHI: “The experience of the subtle states of thought also depends upon the physical condition of the brain. For example, if we are tired then the brain and the nervous system are dull, not so sharp and alert. Due to lack of alertness the experience of very fine states of the mantra will not be found.

If we have taken some intoxication, then this also makes the mind dull. A dull mind will not be refined enough to experience very fine states of thinking. If we take a lot of intoxication and then we begin to feel like that, like that, like that, then even the flower is not seen or we see a cigar in the flower. The machinery of experience becomes so blunt and so coarse that it fails to appreciate even this gross creation.

In meditation we are required to experience very subtle states, subtle states, abstract consciousness. So that mind which is not able to appreciate even the grossest state of experience, it can’t possibly be expected to experience the much finer states of thought.

The whole theme of our life has to be so regulated that we don’t get tired and we don’t make our brain invalid to have the fine experiences during meditation. Our evolution depends on meditation, that is a very main point. The whole purpose of life and the whole process of evolution depends on our contacting the field of the Absolute in a conscious manner.

Therefore, through all that we do and experience and enjoy and suffer in life we have always to be leaning toward creating a situation which will be conducive for much refined experiences during meditation. This is most important, the first primary thing in life. If we keep our body free from tiredness — regulated activities of the day so that we don’t get tired — and keep the times of meditation regular, then we evolve very quickly. Thousands of years of evolution is accomplished in one sitting of Transcendental Meditation.”

-Maharishi, Hochgurgl, Austria, July 1962

(thanks Margot)