To Get Rich and To Avoid Scams

To get rich and to avoid scams


When I was very young someone told me “You will never get rich working for someone else”.

Let’s see the real world statistics here.

The bottom line? You won’t get rich without taking risks.

To be successful, you need to be prepared really and it got really tough.  See what Steve Jobs said

Here is my important advices that would save you a lot of time and money:

Share this with your relatives and friends so that they can avoid the scams.

If someone tell you it looks easy to be successful as many MLM or products sellers would say, they simply are not HONEST with you. The purpose of their message is just want to sell you something to you so that you will buy from him or invest your hard earned money with him. Don’t trust them. They only want your money really.

If he himself said he make a lot of money and he takes his precious time to talk to you and say it is not easy but …. and in the end ask you to put money with him. He most likely is a very professional scammer and you have to take special precautions. He would say

  1. It is not easy
  2. It takes time to be successful
  3. Do not quit. A lot of people quit after fail
  4. Successful people make fast decision when they see opportunities (David So Remark: Yes, but when successful people make decisions, they will not make blind decisions)
  5. ….. etc.

The main point is as a business owner he is not taking and proving about his main business behind in the meeting in order to allow you to see how the business is so that you can make the decision to invest or become his business partner.

The key point is if he is making a lot of money why he has to share the secret to others and do not make all the money themself.

If he tell you and many others to become his partner, that will be a sign of a kind of pyramid selling. You have to really careful to see their solid business behind that make him a lot of money besides recuiting others before you make the decision. If you cannot see their real business behind why he make so much money, then most probably their main source of income is from recuiting people. Don’t trust them.

Tell them, you are interest in their business. You say every big business need investor to become even bigger. You say you have money and would like to be their investor ONLY and NOT partner so that they can make more money and it is also a win-win situation. But you need to see their real business and the audit account report of their real business behind first before you can make investment.  And see what they say and do.

Share this with your relatives and friends so that they can avoid the scams.