Time is Money – How Speed affects Conversion?

Everyone knows ‘Time is Money’. Do you know how much it costs for one second loading time in the world of internet?

Please read the following infographic.

(To enlarge the image, please click the picture first)



So start taking your site speeds seriously people!

Ready? Here’s the magic juju…

You’ll be using kraken.io to apply Lossy Compression to reduce the size of the images on your websites.

Step 1 – Click to visit > https://kraken.io/web-interface

Step 2 – Find the images directory for your website. In this example I’ll use the images from FIBT 2.0 which is about 76Kb in total.

Step 3 – Select all the images (from your local hard drive), then drag & drop them into the kraken.io interface

Step 4 – Download your newly compressed images (.zip file ~or~ sync to Dropbox)

Step 5 – Upload to your server

That’s it – you’re done!

P.S. don’t forget to keep a backup of your original files in case stuff goes wrong.

The result is attached below – we saved 31.86 KB which is a 57.78% saving.