There is no shortage of Traffic on Internet

Today a reputed Internet Marketer quoted his friend, who is a real high-tech expert in IM, saying:

“There is no shortage of Traffic on internet”

This sentencce implied that

  1. They personally using paid traffic daily
  2. Paid traffic really work for them. They must be able to get targeted traffic profitably with paid traffic. Otherwise, they will not come to the same conclusion.
  3. The first time I heard this, it gave me a shock becausse they said there are plenty of traffic
  4. He disclose that traffic is not the most difficult issue in marketing.
  5. If we have the know-how, we can get a lot of paid, targeted traffic profitably

For general marketer, it is good to master both paid traffic and free traffic.

Traffic brings targeted customers to our buiness. This is the life-blood of any business.