The Wisdom of Life


Why anger or any negative expression is only hurting yourself

Here are the real stories about the karma of losing temper in business.

In this video, we not only learn why we should never entertain negativity, we also learn how we should respond when negativity come to us.

But the biggest challenge is to remain calm in any circumstances and this is the beauty of Transcendental Meditation (TM).

In one stroke, TM brings to us the following benefits:

  1. Remove the root cause for any negativity, which are the stresses and strains in our body and our mind as well as the the stresses and strains in our extended body and mind which is our society and environment.
  2. Enable our nervous system and our mind to stay on the level of bliss and hence the undisturbed inner silence can be maintained 24 hours a day when we are in the state of cosmic consciousness.