The Reply of Buddha 佛祖的回答

Buddha replied

There is one important thing about Buddha which many people overlook.

Most people try to understand and attain the same level of wisdom of Enlightenment of Buddha by studying the books of Buddha and by going to the temples.

Schools and Colleges have been built throughout the World and throughout the Ages to help people to learn Buddha’s teaching.

Temples have been built all over the world since ancient times and followers went there to pray for well-being and Enlightenment.

Everyone knows that Buddha got Enlightenment under bodhi tree.

But in order to gain Enlightenment,  he was not just sitting there and doing nothing under bodhi tree.

The most significant point is

He meditated there to get Enlightenment.

After he attained Enlightenment, then he began to spread the knowledge of Buddhism.

The picture above was the reply of Buddha when he was asked what he had gained from meditation.

Meditation is unknown for most people.

Education Throughout the World has no place for Meditation.

However Buddha demonstrated to us that meditation was the technique he used to get enlightenment.

That is to say meditation is too important.

Buddha’s teaching emphasis that everyone on Earth can unfold the full blossoming of same Buddha’s nature WITHIN themselves.

However, the technique of meditation through which Buddha himself attained Enlightenment has not received THE MOST emphasis. Actually it receives no emphasis at all.