The Purpose of Life

In my story of Steve Jobs, We can fell that he realized in the end, life is so precious but he had no time to accomplish something more important. That is why he was so regret.


I am sure he would reset his priorities in his work life if he realized earlier in his life that something important are missing. In this story, Steve actually told us that work life BALANCE is more important than work priority.

Even he won the game in his work life and became the best in the world in his business, he still regret so much in the end.

Besides work life and family life, he realized in the end there are something more important, something much bigger things in his Life, something he is unable to comprehend at all that he had not yet accomplished.

To find the answer in order to get a work life balance and then enable us to set our work priority, we should get the answer to one important question. What is the purpose of Life? We accordingly then be able to set priority in our Life including work life.

If we do not know the ultimate answer for this question. Our Life purpose will not be achieved at the end of our life.

To get the answer to this questions, we can simply start from 3 theories from modern science. One is biology, the other is mathematical game theory, and the last one is Physics.

  • Biology clearly inform us that life on earth is evolving. This is the nature of life.

This evolution laws of nature implies to us that in this universe both our physical and mental/spiritual life will evolve over time even if we do not know about this and hence do nothing on it.

  • Mathematical game theory told us that to win the game of life, there are win-win (or all win) option available. This option is to have all areas (work, family, society, environment) win in our entire Life.
  • In Physics, the law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of a closed system must remain constant—it can neither increase nor decrease without interference from outside. That means energy can neither be created nor destroyed in a close system. The universe itself is a closed system. Human Beings, which is a universe from the stand point of each cell, is a closed system. That mean even when the physical body disappear after we die, the energy will not be destroyed. This theory still find to be true without an exception. This theory implies that the energy of our Life will still be in this universe after we die. However, the life energy may transform into different form of energy.  Hence this laws imply to us clearly that there may be life after life. This conclusion explain why people in some religious talking about this.

From the 3 theories which I mentioned above, we can deduct and define the Purpose of Life as below,

Here is Davey So’s Universal Definition for the Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life is the purpose why we are living in this world.

The Purpose of Life is to make maximum goodness for ourselves as well as for this world so that all areas of our Life will be win-win (all-win)

How to achieve this?

The answer is by evolution, by upgrading our mind and body to a higher level in such a way that we are able to achieve this all-win result in the end. In other words, our ability to solve problems and n life  increase more and more. This is evolving. We become bigger than the problems. We become stronger and stronger.


What do I mean by upgrading? Please check with my blog post


For this to happen, it is obvious that we have to train our mind, the software, and body, the hardware, and the coordination between them to a higher level. This require regular training. This involve technique, which must be safe and tested scientifically as well as personally by many people. It would be much better if the history of the technique are having a long history, like over thousands of years by people in the World.


In order to upgrade our software and hardware, our mind and body, and handle every aspect of life well, we need to water the root of life, the core value of life which modern science and Vedic science find to be the transcendental  Being, the pure consciousness, which is also the unified field in our physical world. The technique of transcending is Transcendental meditation.




Above is the whole purpose of Life and the technology to realize it. This is a very logical conclusion why human being is exists on Earth.

The Universe has its own purpose.  Human being, who have been created by creator,  who are here to enjoy the fruit of the creator on Earth should take such responsibility in our Life.