The Pain Felt for Polls today in Scotland Democracy

Today residents in Scotland is going to vote for independence.

From the news, a lot of top people all over the World do not agree Scotland go independence.

However, it would always be inevitable any time in future if the fate of a nation is in the hand of Democracy.

That means, if democracy is there, there is always a chance for any nation to split any time.

My point of view is: Democracy is a system seemingly fair and right but its basic principle is wrong.

According to democracy, each person has one vote and decision making is based on the principle of majority in polls.

What’s wrong with this principle?

1) Not all the members are equally important or significant.

For example, in a society of human body, each cells has one vote. But some organs are critically important in terms of body functioning. Hence if any decision making is based upon one vote per cell, I am very sure most of the time, the brain cell and the heart cell will lost in most polls.

Then the brain and the heart will likely stop functioning any time.

2) Making important decision on the level of society or family or school requires

  • good judgement of the situation
  • great vision of the future
  • ability to have broad comprehension
  • experience

Unfortunately, only few members have such abilities. If the majority have different choice, then the important decision will likely to go wrong and this would be a disaster.

Hence I can conclude that democracy is lethal.

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