The most important HABIT for making money

So David’s​​ Commentary on the wake-up-early Principle:

1) Meditators to be successful should master this Wake Up Principle by going to bed earlier in order to WAKE UP the Self through regular practice of meditation;

2) Successful people who wake up early should see what is the most valuable thing to do in early morning, that have the greatest improvement to his life.

  • Water Life at its root, which can nourish the whole tree in one stroke – maximum efficiency.
  • Prepare oneself for more dynamic action by pulling back the arrow of our mind to a maximum state of restful alertness.
  • Retune the brain wave so that your brain become more powerful.
  • Broaden the awareness and make the mind more clear so that you can make the BEST decision at work.
  • Train the mind so that it become more CREATIVE in business.

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