The devil behind Orlando shooting

On June 12, 2016, the Orlando shooting in USA reminds me about the teaching of the great Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Below are my important insights just a moment ago before writting this post on 17 June, 2016.

We must learn a hard lesson from this. Here are the obvious things I want to point them out clearly:

  1. What the thing common for the 9-11 and the 12 June is: Both evil actions were preceded by a thought – a well planned thought of evil nature unfortunately. The seed of such evil thoughts were planted in their mind and there must be corresponding stresses or distortion in the nervous system which were then fueled by strong and deep emotions or negativity and backed by a strong evil beliefs in religious.
  2. Hence from the point of view above, we can conclude that (a) For the peace of the world become a reality, elimination of the deep rooted stress as well as such strong emotions is vital in order to extinguish their inner fire (the inner seed of devil) before such things happen again (b) The strategy for the management of thoughts will be of utmost important for the prevention of the devil actions. (c) the revenge or the punishment after the devil action are totally meaningless at all. It simply will not prevent the same things happen in future especially those killers were prepared to die because they strongly believe that they will go to heaven after doing such thing. (d) The art of the management of thought and the know how to manage our thoughts has to be mastered by modern people if we want world peace.

The wisdom of such knowledge is contained in the Eastern culture and that is what Maharishi’s teaching is about, namely:

  • The release of stress especially the release of the deep rooted stresses not only on the individual level but also on the collective level such as family level, society level, the national level and the global level is obviously essential in order to eliminate the bomb exist in their mind.
  • We want our thoughts to be right, never doing harm to anyone and anything. The thought training, which is to effortlessly train our mind to settling down to the source of thought, to the level of what modern science called the unified field, which is the same as the transcendental level of yog in ancient Vedic science. During such process of settling down of the mind to its ground state, the state of pure consciousness, the impurity of both mind and body will be removed. This is the process of purification of mind and hence the thoughts as well as the body.
  • Because the individual and the society are intimately connected as a field on the quantum mechanical level, we can say that the society is just our extended mind and body. To purify individual mind, thoughts and body will help to purify our extended mind and body at the same time.
  • That means the impure thoughts which are going to harm the individual as well as the cosmos will be gone when it’s material ground of deep rooted stresses were eliminated.
  • The normalization of mind and body during the transcendental process of settling down of the mind and hence the body will bring about the purification and result in normalization of our thoughts and action.
  • This is the real foundation of World peace.
  • Without this solid foundation, the world will never be able to be in peace. As long as we are able to removed stresses in individual level, we are able to create peace on Earth.