Thank you Peetu


This post is for my friend, Peetu, and his very nice family in Hong Kong.

Dear Peetu,

Thank you so much for your donation recently to help Hong Kong, I cannot thank you and your father enough for silently helping us all the time.

I don’t think people in Hong Kong realize how important minorities here for the development of Hong Kong.

Your silent support all the time remind us that it is wrong for us to discriminate foreigners especially minorities.

You remind me the importance of rare elements, even though they are very small in quantity, for the evolution of lives on Earth.

You remind me the presence of living deities in Hong Kong who come from the sacred place on Earth, India.

You remind me that we are consuming resources like oxygen, water on Earth and we should always give back and offer help even to those who bear no relationship to us .

In return, I would like to offer my post as my gift to you which is from Maharishi.

May Gods bless you and your family.

Jai Guru Dev

Davey So

19 August, 2016