Suggestions about malpractices in IM industry

Today I read two posts in one top Facebook Group talking about the cases of malpractices in IM industry.

I have pointed out this problem in the whole IM industry in my blog post earlier this year. Below are some of my ideas.

  1. In order to make a healthy growth of IM industry, there must be a established organization to take care about the industry, just like any professional in many industries.  The organization is to maintain a high level of professional practice in the industry.
  2. If such organization is not set up by ourselves, such malpractice cases will be more and more. Many more new comers who do not have any knowledge will get hurt until to the point that where more government or Facebook and google control will be launched. In other industry, for example, if we want to buy a house and we know nothing about the quality, the best way is to see if they have get certification especially certified by personnel who are legally responsible for their practice. Without such established organization in the industry means that there is no organisation who take care the quality and no one is going to take legal responsibilities.
  3. Today cases in Facebook group showed that even experience people in the industry including me got hurt, then what about the newbies? Of course the newbies who want to learn make money online of course  sure will get hurt even badly. New blood in the industry is vital to the growth of industry. If new blood do not get proper warning, training and protection, they are going to die fast and even worst they will spread their word of mouth about the dark side of the industry. That means we make less money and our industry will end.
  4. I suggest we have to hold a platform to post our REAL bad experiences with full evidence there. Anyone get hurt just post there with full evidence.  Of course, those who do not agree can object there also. But the cases help to warn anyone before they buy anything from anyone. Such database is a useful reference. We need to work together to create such database so that we can check when we want to buy. Most importantly, this transparency of bad practice will deter those who want to do harm in future.