Raise humanity into divinity

“Raise humanity into divinity”

“Raise humanity into divinity – then it does not matter which rituals are followed and which are ignored on the gross level of religion and life.

“As long as the spirit of religion dominates the life of the people, it does not matter what name they give to their religion, or what rituals they follow in their churches, temples, mosques, or pagodas.

As long as they are established in the spirit of religion and have risen to the state of God Consciousness,
as long as they live the divine in their day-to-day life,
as long as the stream of life is in tune with the cosmic stream of evolution,
it does not matter whether they call themselves Christian, Mohammedan, Hindu, or Buddhist – any name will be significant. On the gross level of life these names carry significance, but on the level of the Being, they all have the same value.

WHAT DOES MATTER is that man should live a life in God Consciousness in freedom and should live an integrated life of completeness. The key to the fulfillment of every religion is found in the regular practice of Transcendental Deep Meditation (TM).

This meditation should not be a threat to the authority of the priests in the temples, maulvies in the mosques, ministers in the churches, or monks in pagodas. Let it be known to them that it has been forgotten for the past many centuries. This is something that will restore to them their followers.

Let them know that this will again bring and establish in society the value of temples and churches, mosques and pagodas, and will bring to the priest and malvie, monk and minister, the status that should be theirs.

Transcendental Meditation is the practice to live all that the religions have been teaching throughout the ages… And it is this that brings fulfillment to all religions.”

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in “The Science of Being and Art of Living”, 1963