Our kids are studying knowledge of Maya illusion in school

What is the definition of poem?

We can define it by saying that a poem isn’t a poem until it is perceived.

Since the firstanthologies of English potty were printed in the sixteenth century, a mild disagreement has persisted as to where the poem exists: in the air as sound; on the page as a text; or in the reader’s or listeners mind, nonexistent until it is perceived.


Yes, it is true that we see and feel the physical world as described by classical physics. But every scientist knows that this is not the reality. In classical physics, solids and particles are primary. But we know this is not the reality. Waves and fields are more fundamental. Eventually, physics find that the whole objective material world comes from vacuum which is also the source of  the whole subjective spiritual world.

In the Vedic literature, this illusion of the world is called Maya.

The whole education has been built upon Maya, the illusion. How dangerous it can be if the whole world civilization is based upon knowledge of illusion.

Knowing and mastery of knowledge are two different things. Knowing what life should be and mastery of your destiny are two different things.

You may know how the life of divine should be but whether  you able to live according to the laws of nature spontaneously is another thing.

That is the reason why Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said that experiencing of the unified field of natual law, the pure consciousnesss are the most important part of education.

Hence, Transcendental Meditation is a must in education. Education must be unified field based.