Orientation is critical – The Science of Orientation

Research shows that

  1. patients living in homes with south entrances had significantly poorer health and more finanicial problems than patients with north or east entrances.
  2. Also, those who slept in beds with their head to the north suffered from significantly more depression and anxiety than those who slept in beds without this orientation.
  3. In addition, 75% more burglaries occured in south-facing houses than in houses facing east, west or north.
    Ref: Journal of Social Behaviour and Personality


The Power of Vastu: a Fantastic Story

Paul Worland knew that his new home lay directly in the path of the worst Southern California fire in many years.


In the fall of 2003 a tragic series of forest fires destroyed thousands of homes in Southern California. In October, what would become the worst of all, the Cedar Falls fire, began to sweep from an unpopulated forest towards the city of Ramona and the Maharishi Vastu home of Paul and Jeanette Worland. That evening Paul watched the orange glow turning into a large approaching fire, and he began to hose down the new home he had designed and built according to the principles of Maharishi Vedic Architecture. By midnight the flames were close and leaping high. Paul told his family to gather important articles and flee the house. Fire fighters protecting the house trained their hoses on the wall of flame but the fire’s heat evaporated the high-pressure water streams.

Then, as the fire roared up to the home from the National Forest only 50 feet away, the 40 to 60 mph winds made a sudden 90 degree shift and instantly the fire passed directly outside of the house’s Vastu fence. This sudden sift allowed the Worlands to evacuate in safety and, the house and everything in or near the Vastu to be saved. After shifting the blaze away from the house, ten minutes later the wind shifted back to its original direction and consumed the acreage directly behind the home. The fire went on to destroy 3500 homes, and hundreds of thousands of acres of land. But its first would-be victim was spared by a remarkable last minute shift in the wind.

The astonishing jog of the fire around the house was confirmed the next day by two fire fighters who noted with amazement that the fire lacked the “desire” to destroy this house.

The five other Maharishi Sthapatya Ved houses that were located within the fire’s range were similarly spared with only smoke damage. In fact, one of the five was the only house among several in a cul-de-sac not to burn. A far larger survey will be needed to demonstrate with certainty whether Vastu protects any home from fire but this incident is in keeping with previous studies that have correlated a building’s orientation with mental health, hospital recovery rates, prosperity, and even burglary rates! We will look at these studies in future issues of this newletter, and explore how it is that the power of Vastu creates security by aligning the individual to Cosmic Intelligence.

Since the time of the fire, and moving back into their Maharishi Vastu home, Jeanette and her family have felt a “really good influence there”. They feel more stability, more happiness and the family as a whole is more unified, spontaneously doing things together. Over all, they feel a deeper support on every level of their lives which they attribute to their Vastu.


Here is what happen to our brain

Brain researchers have already discovered that place neurons found in the brain provide information about a body’s orientation in a room or environment. Initial brain research on orientation, navigation, and placement shows brain stem neurons fire differently depending on one’s orientation.

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Here is the


Below are the brain research’s summary mentioned above.

In our last newsletter we explored the first pillar of Maharishi Sthapatya Ved architecture, the orientation of a house to either due east or due north. Orientation is important because it is only these directions that will bring positive influences to those dwelling in the house.

According to recent research in neuroscience, certain brain cells fire depending upon orientation. For example, the firing patterns of neurons in the thalamus of the brain, considered the gateway for perception and awareness, are altered by the direction one is facing.

There are also “place” neurons or “place-cells” in the brain that signal our body’s location in a house or larger environment. Thus, the brain processes information about where we are and in what direction we are facing. Thus, the brain considers these environmental connections important in how it makes up perception and how our brain and body function. So, it is not surprising that many people living in Maharishi Vastu homes report that they spontaneously know what direction they are facing while in their vastu homes.

ThalamusCan you imagine that the architecture of your living and working space has a profound effect on your mind/body health? The knowledge of Maharishi Sthapatya Ved architecture goes further and describes how our spatial orientation influences our minds & bodies.

This knowledge states that when we live or work in buildings with improper orientation, imbalances are created in mind and body. We can interpret this to mean that the firing patterns of the neurons are developed in the wrong way. This brain imbalance can contribute to anxiety, illness, lack of creativity failure in family or professional life, anti-social behavior and even criminal tendencies. More specifically, the ancient texts say that our brain functions optimally when our house is oriented toward the east, the direction of the rising sun.

Recent research supports these ancient concepts and personal experiences of individuals who live in Maharishi Vastu homes. For example, researchers discovered that there is a strong correlation between mental health, cardiovascular health, and prosperity and the orientation of the subject’s home.

The medical research to date seems to bear out that the brain is designed to function in a manner consistent with the recommendations of these ancient texts on ideal buildings.

“Sthapatya Veda connects the individual with his own cosmic potential. If there is a deviation, then this deviation is not healthy. Those that live there will not act in an evolutionary direction. The thinking and feeling will be contaminated. Unless Sthapatya Veda happens nothing can happen. All the logic, all the arguments, all the money, nothing will work as long as people are living in disorientation from the prescribed orientation of Vastu buildings in which they live and work.”    —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 11 February, 2004