Opportunity Knocks Mystery for Mentor

Opportunity Knocks

Our knowledge for understanding human behaviour is obviously lacking.

When parents want their kids to work hard in studying when there is an opportunity for them to learn well, the kids will not listen.

But when government says smoking is bad for health, there are still a lot of young people start smoking.

What’s a mystery!

As a mentor or teacher, it is important to know how to tell and teach effectively so that many people will come to learn and get result.

When opportunity knocks the door, how will the messages get hit and turn on the behaviour we want?

Nobody can tell what messages can have greatest impact on desirable behavior. We can only keep testing.

But it seems that the social influence on behavior is really great in many examples.

To turn on the desirable behavior engine, we need the right key.

The key must be tailored-made to the lock – the audience.

Hence the same presentation cannot never fit different group of people.

This really a great art in communication.

A great product does not sell by itself. It has to combine with a great offer to get sales.