My Quotes


No matter how far would you go, eventually you will come back home. -Davey So


The quotes of mine are not what I think out from nothing. Every quotes I have recorded here is from the thoughts spring from the silence level of my awareness. I am just an instrument through which the (insights of) Truth came out.

I just hope that my quotes can help your understanding something which is important to one’s life and make this world better.


No one can imagine a social media of facebook platform can become so big

No one can imagine an app like Snapchat can build such a big business.

It all depends on the mind, the imagination power of our mind.

Fortunately, according to modern science and ancient Vedic Science

  1. It have proven that the full potential of our mind can be developed.
  2. How big is the full potential of our mind?
  3. The answer is what will astonish everyone. Our mind can be develop to it’s full potential to a cosmic mind. In simple word, this mean that our mind can be as powerful as the mind of God in any religion. Because of this, the great master said again and again that what a waste of life is if we remain ignorance or under-development  of oneself.

– Davey So


We see the world through our eye. The world will be different depends on who see the world.

It is because of the difference in the nervous system and hence the structure of perception, our mind.

In science, it is because of our perception of seeing a particle and then we want the instrument to measure a particle for us.

Davey So


You just need only one chance to be great in your business, no matter how many times you have failed in the past.

As the whole universe has begun from one point (the point of singularity in physics terminology), all great business has begun from one single idea.

How much the value in business would be for a great idea?

How much the value in business for one idea of coke?

How much the value in business for one idea of personal computer?

How much the value in business for one idea of disappearing message in Snapchat?

Do not underestimate the commercial value of an idea. Period.

Davey So


We know the world

Only after we are conscious of it.

In the dreaming state of consciousness, we conscious of a dreaming reality.

In the sleeping state of consciousness, we can only conscious of a sleeping reality.

In the waking state of consciousness, we conscious of a waking reality.

The state of consciousness determine what we are going to perceive.


Having read hundreds of books, most of the book I read is talking about the objects. Almost none of the book talks about the subject, the knower himself, the Truth of one’s own life – the human life including consciousness. We may be very knowledgeable about the objects outside one’s life. But we absolutely have no real Knowledge about ourself. This is ridiculous because the knower suppose to have better knowledge about himself than about objects outside of him. The real knowledge about the knower and about the life of the knower is obviously much more vital and important. That is why the great master said we are ignorance – ignorance of our own self.


We are living in modern age, not in the Himalaya. The challenge for us and for our coming generation is to integrated the great teaching of our Master in today’s life.

As we all know, people are attracted by things like the success principles teaching by Tony Robbins. People are attracted by the speech of politicians who inspire our imagination of our desires for a better living. All the modern success principles and strategies we have been learning from and we admired at are talking about how we can get all the beautiful expressions of the outer glory of life by working hard on the outer area of our lives.

They never mentioned anything about how we can to build and evolved the inner glory of our life to it’s maximum supreme level. We all know that outer depends upon inner. We also know that to evolve and purify the inner mind and body demands time and work although the technique we use is effortless.

The most difficult things for us  to understand and realize fully is that The Truth defy our perception. What I mean is if we what to develop our strength, our perception naturally lead us to believe that we need to train our muscle everyday like Bruce Lee and become a master of kungfu fighter. In the same way, if we want better wealth or better economy, we need to do things on the outer to make it better. We forget that outer depends on inner.

When the whole world emphasis on working on the outer aspects, the objective aspects of lives, our master emphasis to us for over forty years that we must instead work on the inner aspects of lives, not by being more dynamism, but in the opposite, we need to go deep into the silence aspect of lives, the transcendental state of silence in order to establish the deepest level of silence or orderliness in scientific terms. Our great master want us to be able to maintain the transcendental state of silience when we are engaging in dynamic activities such as during mental thinking activities or during physical activities. We need to know what we are doing and why we are doing according to the teaching of our great master.

– Davey So


When we ask whether we did our best,

It may be much wiser to ask whether we have unfold the maximum human potential first.

We all know that a highly capable man can be a much greater achiever in business. Achievement is the issue of capability rather than the issue of doing your best.

– Davey So


The timing for your idea which arise from deep silence, from the transcendent level of Unified Field will always be the best timing which is going to move the world.

An ideas naturally emerge from the deep silence of trancendental level (of Unified field as discovered in modern physics), it is 100% exactly like a riped fruit produce on a tree.

This is the real power of a thought. This is the real power of TM. Jai Guru Dev” – Davey So


Kant wrote, Concepts without  intuition are empty, intuition without concepts are blind.

Cassirrr said, lie at the bottom of our distinction between possibility and actuality… We cannot think without images, and we cannot inituit with concepts.

A joke surprises our anticipation by sudden shifting in an unexpected direction.

The ability to appreciate humor, for instance, is mostly located in the right side of the brain.

When Adam and Eve we’re expelled from the Garden of Eden, the sense of unity and oneness they had experience with God, with one another,  and with everything around them was stripped away, and they could only communicate by gesture.

So there they stood outside the gate,  as they wondered what to do next.

That Stan appeared and offered them language,  not as a gift but as one more torment.

“This veil, the language of sign and symbol,  was both the distance of the mind from that God.

But reaching that goal of unity and oneness was impossible,  and the farther one advanced, the more the seeker would be aware of the distance between his chattering and the consciousness of God.

Language could never recapture the subtlety of thought that had once existed in the mind, nor recreate the sense of total unity that Adam and Eve had experienced in the Garden.