Michael Chugani on Pan-Democrates Scandal

以下是一位資深著名而中立的外國藉編輯Michael Chugani 褚簡寧,他2014-07-31對泛民的看法

I thought I had prejudice over Pan-Democrates in Hong Kong, see how the famous foreign editor Michael Chugani commented on them.

又中又英——The pan-democrats have been caught with their pants down.
The pan-democrats have been caught with their pants down. To hide their shame, they tried to cover up the naked truth by calling it white terror and a smear campaign. But by trying to cover up the naked truth, they have shown themselves to be hypocrites who use double-standards. Are you confused by what I have written so far? Let me explain. The word “pants” is American English for trousers. If you are “caught with your pants down”, it means you have been caught in a situation which embarrasses you. The democrats were caught with their pants down after the media revealed that many of them had received large donations from Apple Daily owner Jimmy Lai Chee-ying. They were embarrassed by the revelations and by accusations that pan-democrat legislators who received donations did not declare them to the Legislative Council.

The “naked truth” means the complete truth with none of the facts changed. A hypocrite is a person who claims to have high standards or moral beliefs but does not. You are a hypocrite if you say you support free speech but throw things at people who use free speech to say things you don’t like to hear. It is the naked truth that Lai Chee-ying gave large amounts of money to many pan-democrats, who did not tell anyone until the media revealed the donations. To hide this embarrassment, Martin Lee Chu-ming, who also received money, called the media revelations white terror.

The expression white terror is used when political groups use organized violence, such as killings and rapes, during revolutions or counter-revolutions. History has many examples of white terror, but it is ridiculous to call media revelations of political donations white terror. Chan Fang On-sang, who also received money, criticized the media revelations as a smear campaign. It is a smear campaign if you criticize your political opponents by saying unfair things or telling lies about them. But even Lai Chee-ying admitted the media revelations were true. So it is nonsense for Chan Fang On-sang to say the revelations were a smear campaign. She doesn’t even understand the meaning of the expression. I’ll be glad to explain it to her.

* * *

泛民派的糗事被當場逮獲(caught with their pants down)。為了遮掩羞愧,他們嘗試將之叫作白色恐怖(white terror)和惡意抹黑(smear campaign),以圖掩蓋赤裸的真相(naked truth)。可是,當他們嘗試掩藏那赤裸的真相(naked truth)時,倒更凸顯自己是帶着雙重標準的偽君子(hypocrites)。你對我上述所寫的感到混淆嗎?讓我慢慢解釋。Pants這個字在美式英語裏解作褲子,若你被caught with your pants down,即是說你在窘態或做錯事時被當場抓獲。傳媒披露泛民中有許多人都收受《蘋果日報》老闆黎智英的巨額捐款,泛民可說是被當場逮住(caught with their pants down)。泛民議員並沒有向立法會申報這些捐款,相關的揭秘和指控令他們尤感尷尬。

Naked truth就是毫不掩飾、赤裸的真相。Hypocrite是指道貌岸然但實質偽善的人。若你說你支持言論自由,卻因為別人運用言論自由、說了你不中聽的話而向他擲東西,那你就是個hypocrite。赤裸的真相(naked truth)就是,黎智英捐款予許多泛民主派,後者卻沒有說出來,直至有傳媒揭發獻金。為了掩飾這樣難堪的事,同樣有收受獻金的李柱銘將媒體的揭秘叫作「白色恐怖」(white terror)。

習語white terror是指,在革命及反革命時期,政治團體會用上有組織性的暴力行為,諸如謀殺或強暴。歷史上就有不少白色恐怖(white terror)例子,但將媒體披露政治捐獻說成「白色恐怖」(white terror),就實在太可笑了。也有收受捐款的陳方安生,批評傳媒的揭秘為惡意抹黑(smear campaign)。若你以不公的事情或謊話來批評你的政敵,那就是抹黑(smear campaign);但即使黎智英也已承認,那些傳媒所揭露的是真的!因此,陳方安生說那些揭秘是抹黑行動(smear campaign),根本就是一派胡言。她甚至連這個習語的意思也不懂。我很樂意解釋給她知道。



Michael Chugani 褚簡寧