Meditation Is So Good, Why Not Free?

Here is my answer.

I also thought that meditation should be free when I learned it after I graduated from College in 1979.

However, not everything can be free. Not even the Government can offer all services for free to all it’s citizens.

Especially we want a nice, convenient and secure place to learn it, not to mention about having a qualified teacher.

The so called free services we have seen offered by religion actually need donations from members to support. In the end, you get the benefits, you have to contribute for life which actually mean you have to pay for it.

In the digital world today, the cost of learning TM can be compared with buying a mobile phone. Of course you can buy the cheapest model or you can buy a second hand phone at a much cheaper price.

The price depend on the valves.

If we want to learn something from top professors, we need to pay good amount of tutoring fee.

The technique and the knowledge of Transcendental Meditation can be said to be as precious as a gem stone.

Every time we do it or apply the knowledge after learning will be free for you for life.