Make Money Marketing is Experimentation

No Gurus or Economy experts or Marketing Professors can predict that now everyone in Hong Kong has more than 2 mobiles including tablets. Some of us has 3 to 4 mobiles and tablets.

Yes. I would say that everything like or dislike by consumers today depends on the eyes of beholder and not depend on God. Secondly, there are too many variables in marketing which is caused not by Nature but by people. Hence, really sorry, God cannot promise and tell us what is going to happen.

Marketing is becoming a field of doing scientific experiment with a lot of trial new stuff and a lot of failure.

As Internet Marketer, the market and techology is changing faster and faster now.If we still ask what is the best way to do the stuff, and try to consult and RELY on expert advice, we are likely to go wrong. I am not saying we do not need to ask expert but we cannot rely on them.

After we got the best advices, do the research, then we must immediately start experimentation.

There is absolutely no 100% prediction now and actually in that sense all marketing theory in university has to be thrown away. The new definition of Marketing is Experimentation.