Manipulate the diversity

In maths, we use a more abstract concepts to simplify the manipulation and uncover a very elite and beautiful solutions

In physics, we discovered the most abstract component of the ultimate fundamental and foundation of the material world – consciousnes.

By handling this most abstract level of existence, consciousness, human being is able to manage the huge complex diversified world as well as their own lives with the most simplicity.

This is the real essence and the secret why the great rishi Maharishi emphasis over and over again that development of consciousness will be the solutions to all problems.

The disasters created by the nuclear plants and the disasters of implementing GMO cottton in India remind us that using partial knowledge can be dangerous.

Rather than rely on man made , artifical intelligence made, we take recourse to the divine level of pure consciousness and copy its blueprint will be the ideal solutions to the world problem.

Consciousness was found to be an inseparably part of the quantum mechanical property. Observer and observed seem inseparable. The clear cut separation does not confirm to the reality of physical world at this level.

The discovery of consciousness and ultimately find that everything is the expression of the most abstract field, the un-manifest field of pure consciousness.

This ultimate reality, however, bring out Gods and the fact that what Buddha said all the expressions are nothing but akasa.