Make Money Internet Marketing Industry Ahead

I have some thoughts about the Internet Marketing Industry on the first day of 2014.

A lot of sales video of internet marketing products look like a Hollywood movie. The Internet marketers in the sales video claimed to be richer than even the real Guru, showing unverified clickbank account, big house, dream car, boat, airplane…… But their names we never heard of and they called themselves underground marketers.

I think a lot of young people or a lot of simple-minded persons will open their pocket and even worst they will borrow visa card money to buy, thinking that they really can become rich suddenly overnight with a push of a button, without hard work.

It is sad that a lot of newbies do not know the Truth at the beginning.

In many industries, the general public know where to find real qualify professional because many professions need to be certified. As a general public, they will know they have to find certified professional even though they have absolutely no knowledge about it. This system is to protect the industry as well as the consumers.

Giving misleading information can be a crime. Too many misleading information can kill an industry. If such misleading information continues to prevail in 2014, Leaders or Gurus in the internet marketing industry should STAND UP really and join force together to protect the industry as well as the consumers by setting up a some kind of formal organization and some kind of industry standards in order to monitor if there are misleading information in the promotional materials and the to help general public get correct information.

When more and more new peoples jump into the internet marketing business due to the poor economy all over the World, such kind of professional system become even more necessary for a healthy growth of internet marketing industry.

In 2014, I wish such Hollywood movies in the video sales letter would disappear and a lot more newbies will not be hurt when they start IM.

David So