Knowledge and Ignorant

QUESTION: How come that so many wars throughout history have been fought in the name of God, even so the message about God is supposed to be about peace?

MAHARISHI: “There are two words: one is knowledge and the other is ignorance. Either a man has knowledge or he is ignorant.

An ignorant man, he will do everything in the name of God and everything will be wrong.

One cannot avoid the consequences of one`s doing. If one does wrong, one has to suffer. If one does right, one has to enjoy. Whether he is a Christian or a Moslem or a Hindu or a Japanese or Chinese or Buddhist, whatever. The fruit of one`s Karma has to be borne by anyone.

And it is Law, it is the Will of God: As you sow, so shall you reap. Otherwise the God will become partial. If he forgets the wrong doer, then what will he do to the right doers?

God is God – impartial, in favour of everyone. And in favour of everyone is that phrase: What you do, you reap the consequences of your doing, because that`s what you demanded from your doing.”

—Notes from Maharishi`s World Press Conference, 8.1.2003