It was never the intention of God that his creation would suffer

It was never the intention of God that his creation would suffer

Journalist: Still, there is stress in the world, there is hatred, there are wars. Doesn’t that mean that God wanted it to be that way and that in a way you are challenging God in that respect?

MAHARISHI: “It’s the other way! Because just as…” (laughing)
Journalist: “God challenges you?” (Maharishi, journalist, and audience burst in laughter)
MAHARISHI: “Just as a father would never want a child to suffer. So, if a child suffers and if the father is a very competent person, then the suffering child brings shame to his father.

If the father is a millionaire and the child goes around with torn cloths… he brings a shame to his family. Like that it was never the intention of God, and it can never have been the intention of God, that his creation would suffer.

If he is almighty, or if he were almighty in the past, he would never have created a life to suffer… just as a millionaire would never have a son who would be poor because it’s the joy of a millionaire to have his son multimillionaire. So, God would always like his creation to enjoy more and more. Just as a father is always fond of his children to be more educated… if they can be more educated than him he’ll be happier. If the children can be wealthier than him, he would be happier. If someone’s son becomes the president of the country, he is very happy! He would never be jealous of his son because he has become higher than him.

So, God like the great father would never have created man to suffer.”

-from an interview by a Israeli journalist, 1976