The true role of a Kṣhatriya* in the world
How Military and Defence can effectively fulfill their duty

QUESTION: “What is a true role of a kṣhatriya* in the world? I know that killing is sin even if you are defending your nation, so what then does a true warrior do to fulfill his duty?”

MAHARISHI: “A true warrior has to be the light of invincibility. In order to protect anyone, one has to be invincible. Only then is protection meaningful. So the kṣhatriya is a protector. And who is the protector? Infinite creative intelligence of total natural law is the protector. Infinite creative intelligence that administers the well-being of the ever-expanding universe is the real, ideal, perfect protector.

So a kṣhatriya is dedicated to infinite creative potentiality, which is his own Ātmā [Self]. A kṣhatriya is a warrior on the basis of his totally awake intelligence. Totally awake intelligence is invincible because it is fully-lively in the infinite creative intelligence. That is the role of the kshatriya, to be awake within himself, and as such, he will be the embodiment of total natural law which really protects everyone to the extent of constantly bringing everyone to evolution, to the top level of evolution where infinite creative intelligence is a practical reality. So the role of a kṣhatriya is the role of total natural law lively within his own individuality. This is a kṣhatriya.”

DR. BEVAN MORRIS: “There are some young students who were thinking they would like to take a career in the Ministry of Defence in the Global Country of World Peace and serve the world there. What activities are done by the Ministry of Defence of His Majesty Raja Ram’s global administration in the Global Country of World Peace?”

MAHARISHI: “Strength is one word which makes defence invincible. Strength. And strength is in the cosmic intelligence, in cosmic creativity. Individual creativity is an iota [of that], is very minor. I would welcome all the young men and give them total custody of natural law. And then they will be the invincible defense power for the whole world consciousness.

The world consciousness can be defended only by a strong level of coherence, togetherness, unified wholeness. All those who’d like to join the military of the Vedic Defense, they will rise to enlightenment. Their exercise will not be exhausting, fighting with these heavy guns and shooting and all that. No, no, no, no. Their daily work, their exercise will be: close the eyes and be with some devata. And to be with some devata tender feelings are needed not strong anything.

If they want to serve the Global Country of World Peace in the military, they will be floating on the most delicate, most soft, just blissful field of life. This will be their morning and evening exercise, not this exercise to take a rifle and go somewhere and shoot something and die there. No, no, no, no. They’ll be rising to immortality.

It’s a very great thing. The time is coming, the time is coming because the older generation has been educated in something different — they think they are practical but they are the practical of a very low kind of practicality. The high kind of practicality is: you think and the thought be picked up by the omniscient intelligence and energy of total natural law. That is the skill of defense.

They’ll all be enlightened. They’ll all be enlightened. They’ll all be enlightened. Enlightenment for themselves first, and what they’ll radiate is enlightenment to the whole world consciousness. I’d welcome them. I would welcome all the most fortunate individuals who will get on to the most fortunate target of life. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful aspiration. I welcome this.

What I need is two, three groups of eight thousand in the world and that will be enough of the enlightened force in the world of this generation, and every generation is going to be enlightened, like that, like that.

Very good question. Very good aspiration of the young. When I was at the feet of Guru Dev in the Himalayas, I wanted to be that, and today I am out, placed in the world, analyzing the world which is no good, and analyzing the world which is going to be all good now. This is that knowledge, Vedic knowledge, total knowledge, all possibilities to every human being through Vedic education.”

—Maharishi, Global Press Conference, March 31, 2004

*One of the four classes of Vedic society. The kṣhatriyas’ role is “to maintain law and order and preserve the path of righteousness for the well-being of society.” –Maharishi, “On the Bhagavad-Gita,” commentary on ch. 4, v. 1