Important of Asking Customers in Making Money

I brought 2 things to my wife recently but I only think I brought the best products to her.

One is a cookware and the other one is a new mobile.

I checked with her after she used the product. I think she would say cool. But she said,…

  1. The cookware is too heavy. She don’t like. My God. And also, I used this cookware, it was NOT saving my electic bill at all because it is too heavy and it take a lot longer to heat up the whole cookware although it has the best conductor inside!
  2. I brought her a new mobile, the lastest model with 4 chips and HQ display. Can you guest what she said? She said the photo is OK, it is just clear. But she like Samsung because, the photo she took by using Samsungs, she looks more beautiful!!!

Now, I really learn a lesson here.

  1. Marketer must use the products and ask the opinion of the users
  2. This should not be mixed with product development especially when you are going to create a new product with new functions because if you ask people what they want, you can get creative reply from them for your new product ideas.
  3. The best advice is from the user, never from expert.
  4. After you ask the users, then you know how your next make money product should be.