Importance of Youtube Marketing for Marketers

Today I meet a 6 figure Guru who do really well in Youtube Marketing.

I asked him, Will paid methods in youtube much more powerful and long lasting which mean after I stop paid youtube traffic the traffic will still continue or all stop for paid youtube traffic?

He told me is that The free methods work good – but think of the paid methods as a tool to make your job easier or ramp up your rankings once in awhile.

Youtube marketing using free traffic in youtube is very powerful. I know a few guys starting the internet marketing business from Youtube and doing very well.

Youtube maketing really has several big advantages:

– It is the third largest website in the world which mean it has a lot of traffic

– It has a lot of new video each days and the no. of view for some videos is really very big.

– It is much less technical and much less retriction for marketer than SEO free traffic ( the second largest traffic site) and facebook (the number one traffic site)

– the video you post on youtube can give long lasting targeted visitors for FREE.

– Video is more and more important

Because of so many advantages above, there is absolutely no reasons at all , we as marketers, do not master well Youtube marketing.