If You Want to Continue to Make Money – A Whole New Perspective

In that sense, in order to continue to lead and provide values to your subscribers (THAT IS THEY CONTINJE TO FIND VALUES FROM US AND BUY FROM US).What we have to do exactly?

One example is :

In the past, in paid media marketing, PPC is very good. Now, it is facebook marketing.

The questions is:

1) Are you in the front to tell your subscribers what will be the better ways to make money tomorrow?

2) Are you able to help your subscribers to succeed in this new way of making money?

The most important things is to be able to go with the biggest trends. Just because the competition is less and also the rules of game is less strict also. And always, people who are in the front of a trend earn most money.

That means leaders or list owners has to be a risk taker. Secondly, to be able to do well in the new methodolgy, expert in that field has to be invited, right? I thing this is the biggest reason why we as IM maketer need to invite expert to webinar and tell our subscribers the new methods.
And this will be the values we can give to our IM communities. Let say you have 50,000 subscribers and each person you can help them save one hour of work and save 100 dollars and earn 100 dollar. Then your webinar is going to save your commuites 50,000 hours of work and save USD5,000,000 while increae the wealth for community USD5,00,000 instantly.

That would be your contribution to the economy.