Ice Fishing and Making More Money – How They are Related

Ice fishing

When we you look at this photos, what do you think of?

I can only say that the Mother Nature is really give us the most beautiful place to live.

We should protect our environment and do not do any further harm to it if we want our future generation to enjoy such a beautiful world.

This is what I mentioned in the post a-story-reveals-the-secret-of-success-in-making-money-and-in-life that we must not lose sight of the society, the environment, the past and the future when we made decision in our life.

But unfortunately, even if this good intention most people have, but we are unintentionally doing harm to it.


This ultimate reasons for this kind of harm could be done to others or to the environment is because OUR MIND IS LIMITED.

With a limited, narrow and stressful mind, we are not able to do the best decision.

Again the roots of all problems in our life, in our society and in our environment are in the mind of the individual.

The only remedy to the root causes of all problems is knowledge – The pure knowledge of life as I discussed in my post ultimate-weapon-of-success-in-life-including-making-money

Up to this point, as you read my blog posts I will conclude and you may also agree that:

The pure knowledge and action we should take to sharpen our weapon to make the most money can help to solve the problems in our life, our society and our environment.

In future, it is the creativity, innovation and invention will win the business. He who has the most powerful mind which can be developed will win.