I don’t think our challenges are bigger than this and Internet Marketers has solution

Today, I read a news.

105-year-old Afghanistan refugee reaches Croatian camp on a stretcher. (theguardian)

The trek across mountains, deserts, seas and forests.

  1. She is 105 year old. This could be a great challenge for us to live up to this age.
  2. The trek across mountains, deserts, seas and forests.
  3. She obviously has to agree to go to other country. And the reason of her determination is obviously not because of her. Her decision must be for the well-being of his family in future.
  4. From this story, we can see that she cannot achieve this alone. This must be with the help of her family members. This always remind me the greatest invention in Internet Marketing – affiliate.


Without the help of affiliates, I think we really earn much less.

In the old school of marketing, affiliates is competitors.

Most of the conflicts happen between and within countries, between human and Nature are just because of the limiting competition point of views.

Internet Marketer knows well that the support we gain from affiliates is so big and it is bigger than the support of our friends and family combined. Hence, I would say the relationship with affiliates should be as close as family members in business.

As Internet Marketers, we are not afraid of losing and sharing customers, the most important asset of the business. The market is really so big. We are not afraid of the dying of a new product. In many cases, we even accelerate the dying of a new product by shortening its launch period. All these traditional assets are just come and go.

Internet marketers understand that virtual digital products can be much more valuable (profitable) than traditional physical products.

Unfortunately, we see that most of the conflicts in the world were because of the competition for the ownership in all kind of tangible resources.

If the entire world understand and adopt the highly rewarding concept of affiliate relationship, I am sure this world will definitely be much better.