How Consciousness is Primary

Question: On how consciousness is primary

Dr Hagelin: ‘Thank you, Maharishi. This question is on consciousness—primary or secondary: “Most scientists today hold that consciousness is purely a by-product of electrochemical processes in the brain, and that without the body there is no consciousness, no awareness, no life. On the other hand, the scientific conclusion of your global ruler, Dr Raja Raam, is that consciousness is primary and that physiology is secondary—that the human body is made of consciousness. Would Maharishi please explain how consciousness is primary and how in fact consciousness can actually create the human body?” ’

Maharishi: One word would be the answer of it. The word is: un-manifest, unmanifest. It’s manifest, and the other thing is un-manifest. It’s manifest and unmanifest. It’s unity and diversity. Together they are reality—not one, not the other—together, not one, not other.

‘Now those who are practicing Transcendental Meditation, they know that there are moments in their awareness where consciousness is the only thing that there is. So they say “Transcendental Consciousness”. There is no body, nothing, nothing, nothing. So one is the other. [It’s a] matter of where one’s awareness is.

‘This is very beautifully explained in the Vedic Literature. They say there is a section of Nyaya, it is called “justice”. What is the Nyaya? Lamp at the door. You have a lamp at the door. What it does? It lightens inside; it lightens outside. So outside light, inside light—the underlying of balance where outside and inside both meet together. And that is the reality.

‘So your argument is brilliant when you say one needs the other, absolutely, one needs the other. One is the other. And that is—that gets settled in one word: un-manifest. Un-manifest. Now this unmanifest is that level where silence and dynamism both are in harmony, both are in harmony. Silence and dynamism, silence and dynamism. It’s not only body, not only consciousness.

‘Now how to get to this level? When one is not meditating, then only body is primary. When only body is primary, then the other part which is more quiet, more silent, more fluid, more basic, we say, because consciousness is a field—. This is very intelligent, listen to it properly. This consciousness is boundaryless—no space-time boundaries. Body has boundaries. Body has boundaries. Body has boundaries. Consciousness—unbounded.

‘So, when the boundaries are there, you can come from boundary, to boundary, to boundary; you can come to the point value of the boundary. There you will have boundary also and unboundedness also. So, in this case that law of administration comes that one is the other; one is the other. When only one is important—either body is important or only consciousness is important—you can’t function. It’s not life, it’s not life, it’s not life.

So, we say, what is life? Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness means: consciousness in multiple ways and consciousness in unified state—both together. So one cannot undo the other, because in the ultimate reality, the ultimate analysis, both are together. And that is total, that is total. Consciousness and physiology, both are total, both are total, both are total. But in the world, when body is primary, we have to explain to the people. How to explain? We say it is consciousness which is primary, and give them the experience of consciousness, experience of consciousness, experience of consciousness. And one comes to a value where consciousness is physiology.

They are making very beautiful videotapes these days where the Yoga Sutras or Darshan Sutras, this Vedanta Sutras, Sankhya Sutras, all these Sutras are fitting as this physiology of some part of the brain here, some part of the brain here, some part of the heart here [Maharishi points to different parts of his brain]—the whole thing. Our research doctors—they are all busy there showing how the whole physiology is in terms of consciousness. And consciousness is there available in terms of the Vedic Mantras, the Vedic sounds, Vedic sounds. Vedic sounds are also reverberations, and physiology is also reverberation, so both meet together. This is His Majesty Raja Raam’s research. It’s very, very intimate, very delicate level of total value of life, total value of life.

‘If life is administered from there! It’s not a matter of “if”, if we say, because it is not being administered from there. If life is administered from there, that will be unity-administration, prevention-oriented administration. That will be Government of Peace—peace governing all activity. That means, putting all activity in perfect balance with one another, with each other, like that, like that.

‘That is what is called living cosmic life, living cosmic life. When you live cosmic life, you don’t get out of the boundaries, only the boundaries are not so important as before—but the boundaries, you can talk in terms of becoming transparent, becoming transparent. Both things are there, both things are there. This is Atma, this is that Constitution of the Universe, which has two things together: infinity and point, infinity and point. Atma is just that: “At-ma”. “Ma” is point. “A” is infinity. Infinity and point, infinity and point. It’s a very delightful relationship.

‘It was too costly for the education in the world to have lost this insight into the reality, but now in the scientific age, the total is going to come up. As far as we are concerned, just a few people practicing this flying—now flying is a phenomenon which puts together the infinity and point—which puts together. All this galactic universe flying, galaxies flying in the empty space, is the same phenomenon, same phenomenon.

‘So, we are in the grip of that knowledge, and we are making our world a nice world. We don’t mind all these mistakes and all that, because in the darkness so many wrong things must happen to everyone. But we are expert in putting the light on, putting the light on, putting the light on.

This is a great invitation to every government, every government—whatever they are. Every government already has those—what they call—these soldiers. Military is there. Put those military people to fly together, and they will disallow the birth of an enemy in the world. It’s a very concrete value of reciprocity. If you put [on] the light, the light is for you; if you don’t put [on] the light, darkness is for you. This reciprocity with enlightenment, that is what engages Natural Law to work for you, engages Natural Law to work for you.

‘The opportunity is there. The thing [is] we are thrown in the market—we are there. And we hope, in their own interest, every government will take it up. Those who don’t take up today, they take up tomorrow. This is the destiny, this is the fortune of every nation, which we have unlocked.

‘Dr Hagelin, tell them about your rising interest in the Peace Government everywhere, Peace Government everywhere, Peace Government everywhere, Peace Government everywhere.

[Dr Hagelin speaks.]

Question: It

Dr Hagelin: ‘If I could, Maharishi, interject a question from a religion writer from the United Kingdom on the principle of silence and dynamism: “Maharishi says that Lord Shiva represents the silent aspect of reality and Lord Vishnu represents the dynamic aspect. But Maharishi has also said that Mother Divine represents dynamism. What then is the distinctive role of Lord Vishnu and Mother Divine?” ’

Maharishi: ‘The reality is always unified. And unified means in their extremes: silence and dynamism. The word for dynamism in the Sanskrit is “Prakriti”, and the word for silence is “Purusha”. So, Purusha—Lord Vishnu; Mother Divine—Mahalakshmi or Saraswati—or all the dynamism.

Prakriti and Purusha—the distinction between them—means the silent part of it and the dynamic part of it—silent part of it with Shiva, and dynamic part of it with Shiva inherent in silence. And what is inherent in silence? [It] is the Smriti of dynamism. The Smriti—that is this memory of dynamism. So, dynamism is there; silence is there in Shiva where silence is predominant. Silence is there and dynamism is there in the Vishnu where dynamism is predominant.

‘It’s a very balanced, total knowledge of Natural Law. It has its own terminology. As you have now when you explain Natural Law in terms of physics, you have certain terminology. When you do that from the level of chemistry, it’s a different terminology. When you do it from level of arithmetic, it’s a different terminology. Even from geometry, it’s a different terminology. So each field has its own language.

I am reminded of this thing: this Shruti, Smriti, and Purana. Purana has its own language; Smriti has its own language; Shruti has its own language. Different aspects of the Constitution of the Universe have their own expression, own terminology, own terminology. When you go to buy oranges in the market, you have to speak the language of the shop of oranges. When you go to buy a diamond there, the language of orange will not work in the diamond shop. Each has its own terminology. But the grand unity is miraculously put in one syllable, “A”. “A” for Atma, “A” for Atma, “A” for the beginning point of the Veda—knowledge, Total Knowledge in “A”, which I have just explained. It is a tremendous total wisdom of Natural Law.

‘When this wisdom was not distorted prior to the foreigners coming to India, then the world was a better world. This whole thing—this is what they attribute to Kali Yuga, the time value, time value. The whole infinity of time divided into four qualities and all that—the whole thing is such a perfect science of Being, which is the science of life, which is the science of becoming also. Science of Being is the science of becoming. This is how you can make or unmake anything from the language of the Vedic sound.

‘Dr Raja Raam is busy these days in creating a Vedic approach to health, Vedic approach to health. It will not be very long until the whole health care system will be in terms of the Vedic sounds, in terms of Vedic sound, reverberations of self-referral consciousness. All these diseases and all those difficult things and all that, the whole thing will be soon forgotten, very soon forgotten once Raja Raam has come out with this health care system through the Vedic sound, Vedic—whatever different names you call it—Vedic therapy, Vedic sound.

Time is good time. And I love the words of Dr Hagelin when he says, “It’s good to be existing in this time”—when the world is being transformed into something very beautiful, worthy of living, in the cosmic reference, something very beautiful.

‘I invite the world press. They are doing well, but bring the news of a better time dawning for all mankind. And help Dr Hagelin to establish this Peace Government everywhere, Peace Government everywhere. Do it. Participate. Offer your gift to the world for speedily recreating a better life on earth.

‘All glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.’