Hong Kong shoppers flock to Chanel stores

Hong Kong shoppers flock to Chanel stores as it slashes prices due to falling euro

Fashion chain cuts prices in Hong Kong by 20pc as the euro weakens against other currencies


Chanel is the world’s second-biggest luxury brand behind LVMH’s Louis Vuitton.

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A tourist from Shenzhen said she has thought about buying branded bags in Europe.

“But if prices are the same in Hong Kong, I would prefer to buy them here,” she said.

Still, she saw style as more important than price, saying she would only buy items which she liked and      not just because they were discounted.

In today Chinese newspaper, you can see how crazy the buyers from Mainland China are.

CHANEL限購一人一袋 八折包包掃光光


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  1. China definitely will become the number one country in the World in terms of purchasing power.
  2. The retail and wholesales opportunities in Hong Kong is enorm