Hardship never stops us



I love the quote above.

Hardship should never stops us. Here is the reason why.

There is intelligence within us, within even a plant that enable it to grow out of its hard seed and hard soil.

To fulfill its desire of growth, the intelligence within the seed of the plant will call upon the rain to help it in order to make the shell of the seed soft and also to make the soil soft – This is what Maharishi said command over natural laws.

Hence the very key to solve a difficult or insurmountable problem in life or to overcome hardship in life is possessing the following abilities:

  • the ability to use your ‘creative’ intelligence to arrive at a solution. At the same time, you need…
  • the ability to call upon a second elements in nature (here is the rain), which means that you have…
  • the ability to command over natural laws to fulfill your ‘divine’ desires of growth

Such abilities can be acquired through a skill or a technique of the mind power – the Transcendental Meditation as well as the advance TM sidhi technique which literally  transform your mind into a cosmic mind in the state of cosmic consciousness and hence develop your brain into a cosmic computer.

This is not science fiction. This is real science.  The transformation and evolution of the brain has been validated through EEG by scientists.