God, God Consciousness, and Faith

God, God Consciousness, and Faith
What is important for us is God Consciousness, not faith in God! Faith does not accomplish anything. I don’t want to be cruel to the beautiful word “faith” but it just amounts to waste of life. How many, many generations have died in faith, in the “hope”? We don’t want to die in faith. We want to live in friendship with Him. And we want to extend our hand in good, systematic manner. And extending our hand to shake hands with God is: we must be very soundly established in our own Self. Otherwise, not knowing who I am, I am going to meet the Greatest. WHO is going to meet the Greatest? (laughter of the audience)

An ignorant man can only meet his own level of ignorance. One who is not aware of his Self can only meet a man who is not aware of himself. Because, both the two fools could go along very well. (laughter and applause of the audience, Maharishi laughs) What else can be said? (laughter continues)

God Consciousness is realized not in a fanatic manner – not by thinking, not by mood-making, not by crying for Him, not by weeping for Him. By no such dramatic expressions of emotion or thought one could realize God. It’s a reality which is on the top level of Creation.

So, one has to rise to one’s own reality which raises him to that eternal level of life… on that which places one on the top level of Creation. Established on that Cosmic Consciousness where one is established in that eternity of life… on the level of Omnipresent Being. Then one could extend one’s love for God and then the God Consciousness is at hand.

In order to love someone very great, one has to have a big heart. A small heart just can’t swell in waves of love for someone very big. God is not a matter of faith!”

—H.H.Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1967, in a public lecture