Game of Make Money Business

When we see business as a game of Making Money, we may get a deeper insight and different perspective into the nature of business by seeing the real game in sport.

Let’s take a look at this video  “The Most Hilarious Ping Pong Match In History”

In this video, I can see there are many similarities between the game in sport and the game in real business.

1) There is always opposing force in the game.

2) When competition become big and push us to the limit, the only way out is to think out of the box.

3) The audience of the game is like the audience of our targeted demographic. They like to see competition.

4) In business, if you do not have strong mind and body, it is difficult to survive very long and soon you will be game over.

5) To give unexpected move can most like help you score few points (advantages) but once the competitor figure out your move and find out how to counteract your move, your new tactics no longer work. Hence do not think that any tactic can help you win the game in business.