Friends and Fans for Making Money

The invention of fan page and the other invention of facebook for social media interaction is changing the whole World.

Friends are less likely to help in business. Sometimes friends may help us or we may help them but only on personal level and really not often.

But in business, customers really help the growth our wealth in a LONG TERM.  In that sense, Customers really deserve our royal services in business.

In business, good customers is much more important than even our best friends. I would say.

Customers paid money to buy our products.  They like it, they appreciate it and buy from us. They will even go further recommend our products, bring buyers and become our affiliate partner.

Friend even though they may need our make money products, they are most likely not appreciate it and they usually not buy from us. When they buy from us, they may still think I should give them or I should not make money. Because of this relationship of friendship, it become more hard to turn friends into hot buyers. There is no one can do this in history.

Fans are those who LIKE the same things. But they have not yet brought any product from us and they are only more likely buy something which may not necessary our products. To turn fans into hot buyers, we need to do a lot of work just like traditional business unless there is something you know they will like and buy and we can get commission from it.

That is the reasons why we really need to provide our customers best products and best services.

And that is the reason why it is important to separate fans and customers.