Father Warned Kids Go To McDonalds to Make Money



All my dear friends, Do you know what I see in this great picture today?

Here is David So Insights:

Of course this is a really good advice parents can give to their kids. I also warned my kids as per this photos.

But, you can see THREE more important things:

  1. In the mind of all the parents in the world, they are all brain-washed ny McDonalds. This really is the power of successful branding in business.
  2. Father is brain-wasing his kids when they are young that their future has only one way, work for others in company like McDonald.This is miserable!
  3. Almost all the poor fathers in the world do not see that there is a great opportunity to make money for themselves and their kids now – INTERNET MARKETING. Let’s help them so that they know about this.