Facebook or Forum for IM Money Making Membership

This is without doubt an important business decision you have to make if you have members.

Both Facebook and Forum have its own merits.

But it is impossible to ask your member to go to forum and Facebook to search for the post daily.

You can choose only ONE and ask your members to go there.

Here are my opinions you may agree with. (Please click LIKE if you like this post)

The biggest drawback for forum is that it will take more efforts to read the updated posts and the forum platform is literally a dead platform as there is no much update anymore. My experience is Facebook is more user-friendly and  will continue to be more user-friendly as FB will continue to add more values in their platform. I am sure very soon, Facebook will have more features of forum integrate into the Facebook system.

The most important point:

This is very important because if your members find it very user friendly and no need to login to see as the forum posts, you get more people to interact, share and this keep your membership site LIVE in Facebook. I think this is the most important point.

There are too many forum get dead just because members no longer active there.

Here is the example:

Even the best forum, the warrior forum, I do not think we go there to see more often than Facebook MBA membership.  In this sense, what is the use of forum  for me if even the best forum in IM, I am not so willing to go there to see and FIND  the posts that may be important for me. (You can just ask everyone if they go to Facebook membership site more daily or they go to warrior forum to see post)The answer will tell you go for forum or Facebook.

Here we learn a lesson

User friendly is one of the most important thing and is more important than the technical advantage.

Here is a new product idea

 It will be good if can integrate both in such a way that a post will appear in both place but this would mean a lot of work to make it. Actually FB can force your members to stay update to your post as once we miss your VALUABLE posts, we are likely unable to find it anymore. FB also can allow in-depth discussion within a post. As you have so many valuable contents here, you may find a way to integrate  it with forum so that  all your valuable content  can be reused  for new members. This give you an idea for making this integration as your next product.  But as I said in my post marketing-is-experimentation, and important-of-asking-customers-in-making-money , please NEVER start any product creation without getting the information from the market whether they like it or not for the price you want.