Equation of Everything – The Reality of the Universe Discovered

Below is a very interesting paper based on a finite discrete system with asymmetric properties that opposes the Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem to prove that our universe has a mathematical structure!.

This model also describes and proves the super-symmetry “Super-Gravity Theory” in our universe.

This system or mathematical model recently was studied and published in a peer-reviewed journal of theoretical and mathematical physics under the article” Equation of Everything, Code Unlocked”

Equation of Everything, , Code Unlocked

(Click the link above to download the pdf of the article)

Here are 2 interesting summaries of this article

  1. We live in an 11-dimensional universe, inside a mathematical equation.
  2. Here is the concept of space and the way energy is transmitted through space.

The spin of a particle and its electro-dynamic behavior which determines the path or the “quantum circuits” for the system through an “automata language” program that create woven networks which constitute the “fabric” of space. Signals of radiation and energy are sent through this fabric “lattice” along a cyclic transformation.