Attention and Direct Response

The idea that getting and keeping attention is matching well with direct response.

The emphasis on getting and keeping attention is always a big challenge to marketers because of the fact that marketers find that it is getting harder and harder to get attention in today’s too diverse and too competitive media environment.

If we compare the time people spend on TV in the past and time people spend on mobile, marketers nowadays have to master the marketing strategies for digital world.  That is why the know how of innovative online marketing will become more and more important.

In my opinion, as from the standpoint of a customer, selectively I only paid attention to those persons who can help. That means I would pay attention to those people whose messages bring values to me that improve my life.

For example, people like Todd Brown who are authority in online marketing, especially in the field of high converting funnel design, always provide professional and high quality information in field of marketing would naturally attract, get and keep the attention of marketers in a long run.

Hence, it is the person, rather than the methodologies or tricks or a viral movies of capturing attention, that will win the attention of the tribe in a long run for his tribe.

A creative and great methodologies or tricks or movies can only win the attention one time only.

Above is true for all niches whose targeted customers have a problem to solve., For example, the niches like make money online, lose weight, parenting etc.

How we can win the attention of our tribe in a long run.

a) If we choose a niches which we can play the role of problem solving and we can PROOF to the tribe in these niches that we are authority and willing to provide values with distinct positioning where you dominate a important position in the mind of the people , then we can win the attention in the niches in a long run.

b) If we can bond with our tribe, then they will not leave us and we can have maximum influence on them. Something which are intangible are important to create a strong bond. For example, your personality, honestly, NLP technique etc.

c) For niches which involve no problem solving, the best way to win a long term attention of  a one time new subscriber and make him or her to become a tribe in a long run is to present a quality blog, quality youtube channel or quality fan pages in the very beginning.