A Shift of Primary Focus in Education is Needed

“Knowledge is not gained through books.” – Maharishi 

Veda is not a thing to be study in the book.
Brahma is not a thing to be study in the book.
Smriti is not a thing to be study in the book.
It is much easier to be than to know.
To live the constitution of the universe, is the experience of the transcendental consciousness.
– Maharishi


Below is a very important message of Maharishi.


Question: On Making Religion Effective
Dr Hagelin: ‘Would the addition of Transcendental Meditation make every religion effective again or is more knowledge needed?’
Maharishi: ‘Nothing needed! Knowledge is lively only on the ground of experience. Experience is: knowing by Being. That is one hundred percent knowing. So there is nothing— knowledge is not gained through books. Veda is not known through books—no. You experience, and then you know whatever you are reading is the right thing, is a good thing, is a good thing. Without experience, you’ll always keep on searching where is that, where is that, what is this omnipresent, omniscient?
‘It’s the experience that is total knowing-ness, experiences. Knowing by Being is experience. That means Total Knowledge equates with experience. Total Knowledge. “Atma” is a word which has the whole Veda in it. It’s the whole Veda that has the whole universe within it. So it’s an experience. We lay emphasis on experience, not reading. No, no, no, no—by reading, you cannot understand. By Being, you are That. You are That. By Being, you are That.
‘Reading is for those who want to amuse in a known field. In a known field. The field is experienced, and there you say: oh, yes, this is also this, this is also this, this is also this, this is also this. Total Knowledge is not on the level of reading—no! It’s only on the level of Being, Being—experience, experience, experience. And experience is so simple. Experience is so simple, because you don’t have to go out for anything.’
— Maharishi Press Conference, 2 April 2003

Education nowadays is 100% focus on gaining knowledge through studying.

This message of Maharishi explained that ideal education should be focus on gaining knowledge through experience – not the experience of outside world but the experience of Being, the Unified field, the field of pure consciousness.

That is the reason why the technology of Unified Field should play a central role in the unified field based education or consciousness based education.

To drive a car, the diving experience is obviously primary, the studying of driving at school is secondary.

To learn driving the car of life of every students, the training to equip every students to maintain a perfect mind-body coordination 7/24/365 is primary. The development of individual to highest state of functioning is primary. The study of objective knowledge is secondary.

Why Unified Field based education or Consciousness based Education?

On the level of individual, mind is primary. Consciousness is primary.

Establishment of pure consciousness permanently in human awareness, and hence raising the individual to the cosmic (divine) level of functioning in education, is primary.

That is the reason why education should be a Unified Field based Education.